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Listen, Say Yes and Commit!

In 2006 I fell into the lap of the Maydays! An outstanding improvisation troupe in Brighton, their weekly drop-ins were led by John Cremer and offered belly aching laughter and release every week.

This in turn made me wish to explore the rush and thrill of improvisation further, and I participated in two 10-week courses in short and long-form improv led by other highly skilled Maydays improvisers.

“Emma is a dedicated and passionate Improviser. Her theatre and acting background brings a unique quality to her performances, bringing characters and situations to life more authentically than most of us are able to. I’ve been fortunate enough to teach Emma and also see her perform many times over several years and can wholeheartedly say that she’s a joy both onstage and off.”

Heather Urquart

Award winning improviser with award winning The Maydays!

The Hee Ha’s:

Inspired to carry on improvising, I co-founded The Hee Ha’s with a bunch of other loons! We were initially performing short-form scenes and songs, and more recently have developed our own mid-form format, I-prov Shuffle. Our scenes are inspired by the audiences’ music on their i-phones, and the shows have been a sold out success at Brighton Fringe Festivals (2013/14). Going forward we will evolve our short-form format, and continue to play with I-prov Shuffle to see where it takes us.

Trust and Find the Funny:

Improvisation is a very honest and truthful form of theatre and the most generous of theatre forms too – making your scene partner look good is key! It feels quite different from script-based acting, where a key concern might be your own role and how you portray your own character. Improv is definitely about listening and trusting your team. I have enjoyed performing improv for many years; it requires risk, bravery, generosity and a keen sense of good listening to sniff out what the scene needs and where ‘the funny’ is. More recently I have helped to shape the direction of The Hee Ha’s and our format when working towards festival shows.


“I think your work with us recently has brought us on as an [improv] group in leaps and bounds… [You were directing] half a team of new [team members] whilst directing another show. Many a director would have become stressed and a pain to work alongside with that lot on. You did a sterling job… I’m a pro actor and I need and am used to a creative vision and a firm hand to be led with by a director … [you have] deft directorial skills …”

Patrick Bland

Improviser / Actor

“Having worked with Emma for a couple of years as part of the Hee Ha’s Improv Troupe I’ve always found Emma’s direction and creative input immensely valuable and positively challenging. Emma maintains high standards for herself and her work and this manifests itself as high expectations of others, expectations that they tend to rise to”.

Kevin Cherry


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